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Dear fans, surfers, enthusiasts and random visitors. Welcome to the pages of the Fan Club of the 211th tactical squadron. I believe that even nowadays in the era of football, ice hockey and other famous sport teams with millions of fans, there are still people keen on aviation, especially on the Czech one. Not only for this reason came our web pages into being with the purpose of satisfying our contemporary fans as well as with the prospect of drawing a huge number of new ones. I hope that among the fan clubs of all possible pop and movie stars, also the Fan Club of the " 211th Tiger´s " will find its place in your hearts.

The graphical shape of the gray-white-black tiger
is the official symbol of the Fan Club of 211 SQN
and all the items thus signed serve a purpose
of its presentation and propagation not only
in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

We will keep you up to date
regarding the news of the life
of the squadron outside
working hours.

mjr.Ing.Jaroslav Míka

Squadron Commander